Builders Bags / Woven Poly Bags / Netting Bags/ Rubble Sacks is a 'One Stop Shop' online mail order company that provides a variety of styles of sacks for all your disposal needs for domestic or commercial building projects or cleaning tasks. These include asbestos disposal sacks, heavy duty rubbish bags, rubble bags, woven white polypropylene sacks and netting bags. Just click on the links below to order our competitively priced products. We offer heavy discounts for bulk buys.

Asbestos bags are essential when disposing of asbestos because the material involved is highly dangerous and must be handled with caution, so none of it will be inhaled. Universal Bag and Packaging sell red printed asbestos sacks, in two sizes, as well as clear printed asbestos bags. All our asbestos removal sacks are sold with the printed 'Asbestos Waste' warning sign.

24" x 36" 500gge - Red Printed Asbestos Sacks 36" x 48" 360gge - Clear Printed Asbestos Sacks 36" x 48" 360gge - Red Printed Asbestos Sacks

Universal Bag and Packaging’ heavy duty black refuse sacks are ideal for business or home use and have extra tough 400 gauge. Our black bin bags are suitable for general trade projects, DIY, domestic or commercial cleaning, and for company or household waste. Order our ultra strong black bin bags in batches of 100, 500, 1000 or 2500, or contact us direct to order in larger or smaller quantities.

18" x 29" x 39" 400gge

We have a variety of rubble sacks for different types of rubble. Our rubble aggregate sacks come in black, grey, clear, and yellow, so that you can easily sort your various waste items into purpose made sacks for proper disposal. Find sacks for all your DIY and trade requirements at .

20" x 29" 400ge - Black LD
Rubble Sack
20" x 30" 500gge - Black PE
Rubble Sack
22" x 34" 520gge - Grey PE
Rubble Sack
20" x 29" 440gge - Black LD
Rubble Sack
20" x 30" 500gge - Clear LD
Rubble Bags
24" x 36" 400gge - Clear LD
Rubble Bags
20" x 30" 500gge - Blue Aggregate Sacks 21" x 31" 400gge - Yellow Misprinted
Fertiliser Sacks
20" x 30" 500gge - Blue Aggregate Sacks
20" x 30" 480gge - Blue PE
Rubble Sack
21" x 32" 420gge - Black LD
Rubble Sack
Heavy-duty Rubble Sacks

Need to dispose of your rubble quickly and efficiently? We have four different heavy duty rubble sacks of various sizes and strengths, including rubble sacks on a roll. Order our rubble bags in batches of 100, 500 or 1000, or contact us direct at Universal Bag and Packaging today for larger or smaller orders.

20" x 30" (500mm x 750mm) Scorpio Rubble Sacks 120 Microns 20" x 30" (500mm x 750mm) Solar Rubble Sacks 135 Microns 22" x 34" (560mm x 864mm) Stellar XL Rubble Sacks 135 Microns 20" x 28" (500mm x 700mm) Roll Rubble Sacks 90 Microns


20" x 30" - Woven White 850 Polypropylene Sacks 24" x 40" - Woven White 850 Polypropylene Sacks

Our high strength, high quality woven white 850 polypropylene sacks are available in two sizes for your convenience, 20”x 30” and 24" x 40". They are suitable for a variety of purposes including gardening and agricultural products (such as grass seed, fertiliser and grains), as well as winter fuel or barbecue products. Click on the link below to order your sacks today.

Netting Bags

You can buy our netting bags in a variety of sizes and colours for any disposal needs that you might have. Click on the links below to choose orange, red, green or white netting sacks for any building and disposal projects you may encounter.

23cm x 28cm Red Netting Bags 42cm x 60cm Orange Netting Bags 45cm x 60cm Orange/Red/Green Net Bags 45cm x 70cm White/Green Netting Bags 52cm x 82cm Red/Green Netting Bags


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