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Epolybags, based in Hertfordshire and London, are leading importers, suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturing agents of polybags throughout the UK. As a dedicated ‘one stop shop’, we not only sell a vast selection of clear and coloured packing materials and polythene bags in all sizes, but we also sell all the associated polybag products required for our customers who represent a host of organisations including homes, businesses, factories, warehouses, and the trade.

Among the associated plastic bag products available to buy on our extensive website are: hand heat sealers, plastic wire ties, paper disposables, polypropylene cellophane bags, pallet wrap (in blue, black or clear), pallet hoods, OPP flush top bags, and clear watertight polythene bags; all sold at competitive prices. Just browse our high quality miscellaneous polybag products below and order today.

Hand Heat Sealers

These are hand operated, portable devices used for sealing clear plastic bags or polybags. Hand heat sealers can be used for a variety of products including nuts, seeds, sweets, dried food, gifts, toys and small items of clothing. We sell low cost desktop hand heat sealers, with a 200mm or 300mm wide capacity, with or without cutters, so you can trim the excess off your bags for presentation purposes.

Plastic Wire Ties

These easy to operate plastic wire ties are ideal for closing the tops of gift bags and plastic food products. We sell 4mm x 100mm twist ties in packs of 1,000m with reduced prices for bulk buys. Click on the link below to order today.

Paper Disposables

Our 2 ply paper disposables with blue centrefeed are handy for all types of business use. Buy them for a range of purposes including cleaning, wiping spills and drying hands in kitchens, toilets, health centres, hospitals, garages and workshops, workplaces, gyms, art studios and educational establishments.

Pallet Wrap

Plastic pallet wrap is essential for containing and protecting the contents of pallets stacked with multiple items. We supply pallet wrap in a choice of colours – blue, black and clear – and a range of thicknesses from 17mu to 35mu, depending on the strength required for your operation.

Pallet Hoods

We also supply clear pallet hoods which will cover a loaded pallet completely (size 51" X 98" X 80") to help keep contents clean and dry, either for transport or long term storage.

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