White Outer / Black Inner Mailing Bags

White Outer / Black Inner Mailing Bags

The poly bag is a fairly new product with many uses for storage, waste removal, and mailing. Many of the products are made of polythene, which is a durable, yet flexible substance that is difficult to puncture or tear. Products come in different sizes and textures. Many of the bags offered can be used for multiple purposes.

The polypropylene white sacks consist of a woven fabric that adds to the strength of the plastic. It is suitable for a variety of outdoor and indoor jobs, including debris removal. The white sacks are suitable for removing heavier debris, like plaster, stone, and concrete.


The large asbestos removal sacks are ideal for asbestos removal and renovation projects. It's important to use a bag or container that can be sealed, to prevent asbestos dust from being spread throughout the space.

There are large stone removal bags and large waste bags, which are suitable for a variety of renovation or reconstruction projects. They may also be used to store landscaping materials, such as mulch, soil, and gravel. The best feature of epoly bags available at, is that customers can find the bags they need at lower prices, through the online-only store.

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175mm x 250mm + 40mm White Outer / Black Inner Mailing Bags 240mm x 325mm + 40mm White Outer / Black Inner Mailing Bags 457mm x 325mm + 40mm White Outer / Black Inner Mailing Bags


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