Mailing Bags - Mailing Poly Bags

Mailing Bags - Mailing Poly Bags

Universal Bag and Packaging sell a full range of self-adhesive mailing bags designed for transporting products and documents via courier, or for posting through the mailing system. Ideal for offices, mail order businesses and domestic use, our robust mail bags are waterproof to protect the items inside. Universal Bag and Packaging ' sealable plastic postage bags include heavy-duty blue mailing bags, clear poly envelopes (with or without a white franking panel), black outer/white inner mailing bags, grey mailing bags and document wallets. See below to find out more about our complete range of products.


Blue Mailing Bags

Our self-seal blue mailing bags are hard-wearing, waterproof and tamper proof for the ultimate peace of mind. Buy heavy-duty blue plastic bags in various sizes, and in 50 microns for extra strength. Alternatively, contact us direct for made- to-order printed blue plastic mailing bags at competitive prices.

10” x 11” 13” x 15” 14” x 19” 18” x 14” 19” x 21” 19” x 27” 20” x 29” 29” x 23”

Clear Poly Envelopes

We sell clear poly envelopes in eight sizes, each with an integrated self-sealable strip. They are easy to use, simply peel back the adhesive strip, put your products inside, and re-seal. A stick on address label can be fixed to the outside of the plastic before posting, or see below for document enclosed wallets. Buy clear poly mailing bags at great prices from Universal Bag and Packaging today!

110mm x 220mm 114mm x 162mm 165mm x 230mm 220mm x 220mm 230mm x 305mm 254mm x 305mm
254mm x 381mm 305mm x 457mm



Tough and durable, our clear poly envelopes with white franking panel have a self-seal lip for ease of use. We sell our clear envelopes in two sizes: 165mm x 230mm + 45mm, and 230mm x 305mm + 45mm, with discounts available for bulk buys. Click here to buy from Universal Bag and Packaging!

165mm x 230mm + 45mm Clear Poly Envelopes White Franking Panel 230mm x 305mm + 45mm Clear Poly Envelopes White Franking Panel



These hard-wearing opaque mailing bags are your solution to keeping products safe in transit. The white outer layer is easy to write on, or you can fix an adhesive address label to the exterior instead. The sleek, professional look makes it the perfect choice for mail order companies or business use.



Our tough, grip seal grey mailing bags are tamper and tear-resistant and are available in eight sizes, or can be made-to-order if required. The smart glossy grey colour is an excellent choice for businesses and organisations. Click here to take advantage of our fantastic prices for bulk buys.


Document Enclosed Wallets

Sending boxes, parcels, packages and bulk goods via post or courier service? These document enclosed wallets are the perfect solution to attaching your receipts and paperwork to the packaging. Buy plain or with the wording ‘Documents Enclosed’ stamped to the self sealed envelope. We sell clear and printed document enclosed wallets in several sizes including A4, A5, A6, A7 and DL.

A4 Plain 'Document Enclosed' Wallets A5 Plain 'Document Enclosed' Wallets A6 Plain 'Document Enclosed' Wallets A7 Plain 'Document Enclosed' Wallets DL Plain 'Document Enclosed' Wallets

A4 Printed 'Document Enclosed' Wallets A5 Printed 'Document Enclosed' Wallets A6 Printed 'Document Enclosed' Wallets A7 Printed 'Document Enclosed' Wallets DL Printed 'Document Enclosed' Wallets


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