Pedal Bin Liners

Pedal Bin Liners

Pedal bin liners are a waste disposal essential for homes, businesses and organisations across the UK. Buying in bulk from The Universal Bag and Packaging Company saves time and money – as the more you buy, the more you save! It is always worth keeping a good stock of bin bags so you will never run out at the busiest times of the day.

From light to medium and heavy duty pedal bin liners, here at Universal Bag and Packaging, we sell a wide variety of high-quality waste sacks in various strengths and colours, depending on your requirements. With such an excellent choice of bin bags, we make the task of taking out the rubbish as easy as possible for you!

Our lightest strength options are the 6 microns coral pedal bin liners and the 7 microns garnet pedal bin liners, which are both manufactured in the 11" x 17" x 18" (280mm x 430mm x 455mm) size. Available in the same size are our medium strength (10 microns) jade pedal bin liners. Meanwhile, our heavy duty (20 microns) Orio pedal bin liners are sold in the larger size of 12" x 22" x 18" (300mm x 550mm x 450mm).

We sell pedal bin bags in bulk quantities of 1,000, 2,000 and 5,000 at the lowest possible prices and can manufacture plastic bags for waste disposal to order on request. Either order online from us today, or if you have something specific in mind that you can’t find on our website, just contact our sales team direct and let us know of your requirements.

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11" x 17" x 18" (280mm x 430mm x 455mm) Coral Pedal Bin Liners 6 Microns 11" x 17" x 18" (280mm x 430mm x 455mm) Garnet Pedal Bin Liners 7 Microns 11" x 17" x 18" (280mm x 430mm x 455mm) Jade Pedal Bin Liners 10 Microns 12" x 22" x 18" (300mm x 550mm x 450mm) Orion Pedal Bin Liners 20 Microns


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