Watertight Fish Bags - Aquatic Poly Bags

Watertight Fish Bags - Aquatic Poly Bags

We sell a range of watertight and aquatic polythene bags, also known as watertight fish bags, or aquatic poly bags. They are ideal for handling tropical fish and marine fish as they are manufactured with a 'Watertight Seal' and therefore the material will not leak or split during transportation. The primary difference of these bags, in comparison to clear poly bags, is that they tend to be longer than usual to ensure that the user can tie the opening end for safe transit.

Watertight fish bags are suitable for garden centres, pet shops, aquatic shops, and for the sale of goldfish and Koi carp. Made from thick polythene, which is extremely durable, they can be used to ship or transport aquatic plants as well as aquarium stock. Other names for this type of product include clear poly packing fish bags, fish transport bags, watertight bags, and bags for fish.

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